Serenity: Community Edition


Serenity's development was at its peak in the summer of 2016 - Now, it's more than a year later, and both developers now have other commitments. Serenity is costing more money to keep alive than it is making as a product. Furthermore, it feels disingenuous to keep selling Serenity as a product even though it is not receiving the attention it deserves, that is why we have decided to open-source the client, under the name Serenity: Community Edition.


Since the client is now open-source, anyone is free to modify and distribute the client, provided they follow the terms of the license. This means that anyone has the power to improve and iterate on the existing Serenity codebase, including making hacks that keep bypassing as anticheats evolve, making the client perform better, and fixing bugs.


Serenity: Community Edition is licensed under the GNU General Public License - This is a strict license that enforces openness throughout derivative works. What this means is that anyone who distributes the Serenity code or a modification of the Serenity code must make the source code available under the same terms. No one can steal the work of the community in order to turn a profit.

Download and source code

Serenity: Community Edition is available at GitHub here.